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The Email Mob "online"

Tuesday, 02. February 2010
Mobsters out "on the town"
By emailmob, 04:29


The town on this occasion is Kettering,

and celebrating birthdays for Nettie and Maxine are

Andy & Nettie, Nurse Carol, Maxine, Paul and Martin


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Tuesday, 26. January 2010
G'day and welcome
By emailmob, 02:31


It's taken most of my time over the past three days, but I am happy that we have now got something set up that we might be able to run with for a while.

I would like to thank those Mobsters that wrote offering suggestions and encouragement.  All ideas will be investigated, but, and this is the difficult part, I would like to keep to free services, and still hope to find one that might offer the space we would like. Yes, I believe in miracles (cue for a song?)

Wroxham Weekend, September, 2009 

I know it's a bit late, but nothing was ever put on the web site about that weekend.  Just to reiterate, it was not an Email Mob "party". It was a weekend that Caroline and I hosted so that we could spend time with friends that we had made over the past couple of years through the radio programme.  I am pleased to say that Wally and Sheri were there because they are good friends of all of us.  Anyway, here's a picture or two from that weekend.


"Alan the Dustcart Driver", "Don in Perth" and Wally

Back l - r: "Ray in Bangkok", Diane, "Nettie", Geoff, "Andy",

WW, "Maxine", Larry, "Don in Perth"

Front l - r: "Nurse Carol & Paul", "Martha from Georgia",

"Terry from Wanneroo" & Maggie, Martin 



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